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Our logo is finalized and we are loving it! Our good friend worked very hard to bring this together for us. The building is the front side of our shop, which houses what we're currently referring to as the "farm room", although I'm certainly open to other suggestions! It is filling up with freezers right now, and we're also excited to have it available for conditioning and arranging flowers this season.

We will be at the Farm Fresh Fridays kick off May 6th from 3-7 pm. This is a brand new farmer's market hosted by Four Fillies Mercantile on highway 13 North of Lowry City. We are also planning to participate occasionally in the Nevada/Vernon County Farmers Market, and the Greater Polk County Farmer's Market this season. We are exploring other market options as well, so if you have a favorite market location where you would like to see us, please let us know!

Farm Updates

Our pork is getting much closer to availability! We have some back from the processor and have been slowly trying each cut. Because this is our first time producing pork, we want to make very sure you know what you're getting. So far, we are really impressed with the darker red color on most of the cuts, which we were hoping for with our heritage breeds, as well as the flavor! The rest of our pork is currently at the processor, and should be back in about a week. After that we will be able to get prices finalized and let you know about availability.

Our chickens are on pasture and growing right on track to be available by the end of April. We plan to have a few more rounds of chicken throughout the year, so if you miss out on these there will be more opportunities.

Because we process our birds on farm and operate under an exemption, we are only allowed to sell our chicken whole. The exemption allows us to sell up to 1,000 birds per year, and keeping them whole allows our inspector to track that. We will be looking into some options to make that easier for you. We can sell chicken fresh from the farm before freezing it, so that if you were interested in parting it out to freeze yourself you would be able to. Please let us know if that is something you would be interested in and we can work that out.

We are also fully in gardening and flower growing mode around here! Almost all of our cold tolerant flowers are started, such as snapdragons, tulips, ranunculus, stock, calendula, and many others. Most of them are already in the garden and loving these cooler spring temperatures. As we finish up starting those flowers, we are also ramping up seed starting for our heat loving flowers, such as sunflowers, zinnias, celosia, gomphrena, and more. We are so excited to share our flowers with you when they are ready! We will focus on having plenty for our farmer's markets first, but if they produce well we would love to make them available for custom orders.

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of our little farm, it means so much to us here at the beginning of our first season. There are so many things still to learn, and your encouragement helps us along the way ❤️

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