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We have a variety of beautiful and long lasting flowers available from spring through fall. We specialize in paper wrapped mixed bouquets, which we do have available at our farmer's markets. These bouquets are typically $20, depending on the season and what is blooming. We gratefully accept custom orders, either wrapped or in a vase, and offer a variety of sizes and price points for your gift or event. Please reach out to us to discuss custom orders and pick up. We are honored to help you bring a little joy to your table, and celebrate the people and events that mean the most to you



Our chicken is truly pasture raised and altogether different than the chicken you'll find in the grocery store. Our chickens start indoors as baby chicks, but as soon as they are able to regulate their temperature, we move them to an outdoor moveable "chicken tractor". They are secure from predators, but have the ability to move freely, scratch at the ground and eat grass and bugs to their hearts content. They are moved to fresh grass every day, as well as provided fresh water and a complete feed. This results is a rich flavor and healthy meat for your family. Our chicken is processed on site, and is available frozen whole. If you are interested in fresh chicken, please let us know and we can arrange pickup at the time of processing. 



We are committed to growing heritage breed hogs in an effort to provide our family and yours with healthy, delicious red meat. Our hogs have room to run and root like they love to do. They have access at all times to indoor shelter, clean water, and they are fed a complete feed as well as fresh garden scraps as often as possible. 


Natural Body Care

Our body care products directly reflect our farm values. We use only our own pasture raised lard, which will be naturally higher in fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, K, and E, even more concentrated than the meat from pasture raised pigs. We use only local beeswax and honey from farmers we know and trust. The ingredients that we do order in are whole ingredients without additives.


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