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Our Mini size bouquet will be a $12 value and depending on what flowers are in season will range from 5-10 stems. If you're wanting a pick-me-up gift that will last longer than just a single bouquet, or you're wanting to add a touch of joy to your week with less impact to your budget, this is the membership for you. The flowers will be beautiful, and honestly I find the smaller bouquets encourage me to appreciate the details of each flower a little more. They may look a little underwhelming in a wide mouth vase, but if you have a smaller vase or narrow jar they can still be very striking


We are offering 4 seasons this year for greater flexibility 
- Spring: 4 weeks (likely May)
- Early Summer: 6 weeks (likely June - July)
- Late Summer: 6 weeks (likely July - September)
- Fall: 4 weeks (likely September - October)


Please note that there will likely be a gap week between many of the seasons. We will comunicate by email about exact dates for seasons as we get closer. Bloom time is fairly predictable, but spring weather especially can either speed things up or slow them down a little. 


If you would like to order 2 or 3 seasons but not a full year, simply add the multiples to your cart at the same time. We will confirm by email wether you would like those grouped together or separated for gifting.


Please make note of your pick up location and time. This will be your location for the duration of your subscription. Should you wish to gift a bouquet or have some else pick up for you, that will be completely fine. We will mail you a welcome packet with your subscription information including season and pick up location.


If you are gifting an entire subscription, please give the recipient the welcome packet, which you will receive by email and physical mail. This will give them information about their season and pick up location. They will also need to email us using the code found in their packet so that we can change the conatct info for that subscription.


If you select On Farm pick up please note we are located East of Osceola almost to Quincy. It takes 15-20 minutes to drive from either Osceola or Weaubleau. If you choose this location we will email you our address and directions in advance. We know that the farm is a bit out of the way, but if you choose this option we hope you fine some peace during the drive and visiting our little piece of the country!

Mini Bouquet Membership

  • We so much appreciate your support and faith in our little farm. We realize you are ordering a product that may not even have been planted yet. We will be in contact with you as the seasons progress so that you know how your flowers are growing. If for any reason (I'm looking at you freak frosts, new plant diseases, or huricane force winds) we are unable to fulfill all or part of your subscription we will absolutely make it right

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