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Looking for soft, moisturized skin without chemicals or unfamiliar ingredients? Our lotion bars will have your skin feeling amazing in no time! They are easy to grab and go, they don't have the mess or greasy feel of regular lotion (for any of us with a texture issue), and they last for many many uses. 


Local, natural, and clean ingredients are our top priority to keep your skin happy and healthy. Not only is dry skin uncomfortable, it limits our skin's ability to do it's job. Happy, healthy skin is important for vitamin D synthesis,  melanin production, and immune functions. 


Our body care products directly reflect our farm values. We use only our own pasture raised lard, which will be naturally higher in fat soluble vitamins such as A, D, K, and E. Lard has a PH and cellular makeup very similar to our skin, making it easily absorbed and used to moisturize our skin. We use only local beeswax from farmers we know and trust. The ingredients that we do order in are whole ingredients without additives.

Lotion Bar

  • Our jasmine scent is a beautifully sweet and smooth floral, while Energy is a bright and vibrant combo of sweet orange and peppermint. Golden Hour is a peaceful, calming combo of peppermint, chamomile, and lavender.

  • Please use the custom text box to tell us if you would like your order SHIPPED, or if you would like to pick up at the BOLIVAR farmer's market on Saturdays 9am-noon, ON FARM in Quincy Tuesday afternoons from 4-6pm, or at OSCEOLA Barber Tuesday-Friday 8-4

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